Data Center Solutions

Rayat Company is providing turnkey solution for new generation of Datacenter infrastructure solution based in our experience across all markets. Our innovative approach provides successful solutions across the spectrum.

We working side by side with new customers every day and we are assisting them in the design solutions stage to overcome the difficulties that they are facing. We have extended our product portfolio to develop new solutions to meet the requirements and demands of our customers to help them solve their business challenges.

We are providing different services for datacenter

Data Center Technical Services

  • Consulting
  • Design& Plan
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Co-Location Services

Data Center Components:

  • Data Center facility systems:
    • Civil Works
    • Raised flooring
    • In-room electrical
    • Standby power
      • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
      • Diesel generators.
    • Inelegant cabinets
    • Power Distribution Units
    • Data cabling
      • Copper and fiber cabling
      • Data Center's structured cabling system with pre-terminated patch panel and patch cords.
    • Cooling
    • Fire suppression
    • Monitoring environment
    • Security
      • IP Camera
      • Access control