Our IT Company was established in 2005. With more than 10 years in the business, we provide a wide range of services for clients from both public and private sectors. .

Gallery & Some Services

Data Center Solutions

Rayat Company is providing turnkey solution for new generation of Datacenter infrastructure solution based in our experience across all markets. Our innovative approach provides successful solutions across the spectrum.
We working side by side with new customers every day and we are assisting them in the design solutions stage to overcome the difficulties that they are facing. We have extended our product portfolio to develop new solutions to meet the requirements and demands of our customers to help them solve their business challenges.

Networking and Infrastructure

Regardless of the business size, the networking and infrastructure solutions have become essential for modern business environments. They have become also a key component of residential buildings due to the increasing demand on smart buildings and IOT applications across the region.

1Cabling & Low Current Systems
Almost all ICT setups require cabling and low current systems. Starting from fibre optic installations both indoors and outdoors, moving to copper cables, then to data centre environmental sensors, we provide a wide range of products and services, that meet the requirements of our clients and provide high quality and durability. Our experienced teams have completed projects for both public and private sectors. These included outside plant (OSP) cables with long distances for SCADA solutions and inter-campus connections along with complete building cabling, required racking,stacking, commissioning and testing.
2Cyber Security Consultations
In cooperation with our sister company, Rayat Consultations, we provide cyber security consulting services. Our technical consultants conduct the assessment and evaluation of the environment. Thereafter, they work closely with the RCC team to develop the roadmap necessary for implementing the recommended solutions.Our services include:
- Risk assessment - Security program development - Security program assessment - Response readiness assessment - Penetration testing

The clients can choose to implement the recommended roadmap either through our team or by other vendors.
3Outsourcing Services
For Rayat Technology, IT outsourcing is a crucial area of business, whose role is more than providing the right expertise that meets the client’s requirements. Therefore, to achieve the objectives of outsourcing, our back office continues to provide technical consultancy, and maintains close monitoring and support to the client .
4Distribution of High-End Gadgets
Sensing the gap between supply and demand for high end/smart gadgets in the Saudi market, Rayat Technology strives to introduce and make available new, practical, and value adding gadgets at a local market.

Microsoft Services

We also provide on-premises and hybrid designing and implementation of Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business,System Center, and SQL clusters.


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Our IT company was established in 2005. With more than 10 years in the business, we provide a wide range of services for clients from both public and private sectors. .

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